The Star Energy fuel card is a comprehensive and secure solution for monitoring your gas consumption.
Its properties are :
– Smart card with contactless technology
– Protected with strong encryption by PIN code
– Prepaid, for staffing or consumption
– Ability to restrict by zone and by day
– Multi Service Card (Gas, Shop, Auto Center)
– Works in online and offline mode.

Due to our CYNOD platform, you will have an optimal and secure management of your fuel card and the manager of the company will be able to:
– Have a follow-up of his refills and consumptions through the alerts and notifications
– Block the use of cards in case of resignation, dismissal, theft, loss or holiday
– Have good visibility on all refills and consumptions of his cards
– Transfer the balance from one card to another for better budget management
– Receive SMS / Mails for sensitive transactions, suspicious transactions or fraudulent attempts
– Ask for capping of cards by amount, volume or number of transactions per day.

Our cards are accepted at the station TITAN OIL and CIEL OIL.